Monday, May 30, 2011

Bubble Tea

Some years ago, I was introduced to bubble tea by Tina, Zena, and Nancy. Not only do we still enjoy bubble tea together on occasion, but the drink itself always reminds me of them. :)

A few months ago, upon finding tapioca pearls during a shopping trip, I decided to make some at home. It's easy enough: bubbles, tea, and juice. And, when you make it at home, not only can you choose any flavor of tea and juice you want, but you can also control the sugar and amount of bubbles you add to your drink. (Do not be fooled! It looks light, but bubble tea calories can add up quickly.)

Here's today's results, tea with strawberry lemonade and, of course, bubbles.


  1. what exactly do you mean by "bubble" tea?

  2. "Bubbles" are what the marketing people who first sold this tea decided to call the tapioca pearls used in it, though I've read that the bubbles also refers to the foam from shaking this tea. I prefer to believe that the bubbles refer to the tapioca pearls.
    Tapioca is the starch extracted from cassava, and it's used in many foods as, well, a starch. This starch is also formed into "pearls" that are used in some puddings and whatnot. They have a texture that's sort of gummy-bearish. About 20ish years ago, someone thought of putting marble-sized tapioca pearls (you need large straws to slurp them up) into various tea drinks, and called it "bubble tea" because of their appearance. The pearls (or bubbles) I used are much smaller and fit in a normal straw.