During the summer of 2010, I figured out that I am gluten intolerant.

I've wanted to have a cooking blog for some time, as I've always been a good cook (and a healthy eater). But now that I'm gluten-free for life, I have to do even more cooking, in order to ensure that my meal is safe to eat. So why not document the dishes I make!

You won't find many recipes here, at least not yet. This is because 1) I don't cook with recipes, 2) I don't have the patience (or time) to figure out the measurements, and 3) I should probably save the exact recipes for when I publish a book! :)

What you will find is recipe ideas and some commentary, and they'll be labeled according to their (lack of) ingredients. Everything is gluten-free, of course, and you'll find plenty of dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, vegan, and other recipes that are suitable for restricted dietary needs. About 70% of my ingredients are organic. There are also Buy and Skip recommendations for products I try.